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Published articles on Coronavirus outbreak-COVID-19

  1. Cardiovascular complications of novel Wuhan Coronavirus (COVID-19) - A 2020 update

  2. Coronavirus now-a-days: what does it mean?

  3. The Middle-East-Respiratory-Syndrome Coronavirus: The Management

  4. Sama Sannipata Jwara- Sepsis, SIRS, MODS, Septic Shock and Delirium

  5. MERS Coronavirus: Current Status

  6. The Urgent Need for Broad-Spectrum Antiviral Drugs

  7. Unraveling the Packaging Mechanism of Coronavirus Ribonucleocapsid

  8. World is on alarm for Coronavirus

  9. Necessity for designing multienzymes-targeting drugs to fight Coronavirus

  10. Role of ophthalmologists in combating with the Coronavirus disease 2019

  11. Coronavirus COVID-19: the psychiatrists view

  12. The new coronavirus (COVID-19) and the social impact on the elderly population in Brazil

  13. The novo Corona virus 2019

  14. Recovery from Covid-19 and evolution, 03.22.2020

  15. The potential environmental role of fungi as a complication in COVID-19 infections

  16. COVID-19 Pandemic: the crisis and the longer-term perspectives

  17. Access to electricity and water in Nigeria: a panacea to slow the spread of Covid-19

  18. In the new coronavirus, current effects and precautions

  19. COVID-19: ocular manifestations, ocular secretions, and ocular portal of entry

  20. COVID-19: An Immunological Perspective

  21. COVID-19 lockdown impact on the mental health of students: need to start a mental health cell

  22. Potential of weight gain during COVID-19 community-wide quarantine

  23. Covid 19 patient hides his travel history; a case report in Pakistan

  24. Trending outbreak of corona virus sars-cov-2: a review

  25. Novel ortho- phenylenediamine derivatives as spike glycoprotein coronavirus 2019-nCoV inhibitors: molecular docking study

  26. Dying sweetly: pregnancy, diabetes, and CoVID-19

  27. Dermatoglyphics research for COVID-19

  28. Transient global amnesia associated with migraine triggered by anxiety under the effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic: A case report

  29. Regional anesthesia: an elegant way to circumvent the " trouble" amidst the COVID 19

  30. Obesity, COVID-19 and vitamin D: is there an association worth examining?

  31. Anti-HIV and Anti-HCV drugs are the putative inhibitors of RNA-dependent-RNA polymerase activity of NSP12 of the SARS CoV-2 (COVID-19)

  32. Covid-19 and the free-rider problem

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