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Neurology & Stroke

Mini Review Volume 13 Issue 5

Can quantum medicine encourage recovery of sudden hearing loss?

Ivanka Djuricic,1 Milena Ljujic2

1Academy of Applied Sciences Western Serbia, Uzice Department, Uzice, Serbia
2Pneumophthisiology service Uzice General Hospital, Academy of Applied Sciences Western Serbia, Serbia

Correspondence: Ivanka Djuricic, Academy of Applied Sciences Western Serbia, Uzice Department, Uzice, Serbia

Received: September 18, 2023 | Published: October 5, 2023

Citation: Djuricic I, Ljujic M. Can quantum medicine encourage recovery of sudden hearing loss? J Neurol Stroke 2023;13(5):126-127 DOI: 10.15406/jnsk.2023.13.00558

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The article covers causes of sudden hearing loss and routine therapies used to treat such disease. It introduces a new treatment therapy that uses quantum medicine bioresonance apparatus. The case study in this article describes the case of an adult suffering from 90% hearing loss who almost completely recovered after three quantum therapies.

Keywords: sudden hearing loss, causes, treatments, quantum therapy, recovery


Sudden hearing loss occurs with no warning and for no apparent reason, developing quite quickly, over 24 hours or less. It arises in the hearing organ of the inner ear or in the hearing nerve and it occurs when the connection between the inner ear and the brain is damaged. Most cases of sudden hearing loss are viral, and most patients are treated with steroids. When the hearing loss is mild, patients usually recover. However, despite the fact that sudden hearing loss is a relatively common disease, the exact cause often cannot be determined, and it has been the subject of considerable clinical research. The treatment is not always effective; hence the prognosis is usually uncertain. Even with prompt treatment, it is highly possible that patients’ condition may not improve, and hearing loss may be permanent.1

Recent case of a patient suffering 90% hearing loss introduced innovative treatment therapy based on quantum medicine. This patient almost completely regained their hearing back due to various quantum medicine treatments in a short time frame and their story is described in following lines. Those who experience sudden hearing loss have a rapid loss of hearing developed over a course of a short period of time, anywhere between a couple hours to a few days. Individuals who experience sudden hearing loss find it often occurs in just one ear and the severity of hearing loss can vary from case to case.2 A man had woken up one day, suddenly realising he lost his hearing. His symptoms hadn’t been treated for three weeks and had progressed until the first doctor’s appointment at a regular, state heath institution in Serbia – Military Medical Academy (VMA) clinic. At VMA clinic he conducted two hearing tests including Tonal Liminar Audiometry and Tympanometry. According to the examination results on April 6th 2023, the man had suffered 90% hearing loss of his left ear and had been told he had close to zero chance of any recovery. Audiometry (left) indicated perceptual hearing loss/reduction at 90/100 decibels (dB) (a person should generally hear at around 20dB) (Figure 1). Feeling desperate, he decided to pay a visit to a quantum medicine clinic where he underwent an examination and specific type of therapy. When he went back to VMA for the second time, for a check-up on April 19th 2023, he was examined again, and the doctors discovered his hearing had significantly improved in less than two weeks between the appointments – his hearing loss was at the time estimated to be 50%. The examination estimated perceptual hearing loss at 50/60 dB (Figure 2). 7-10 days later, the third appointment at VMA revealed his hearing had improved again, leaving him with only 15% hearing loss – audiometry revealed slight perceptual hearing reduction at 35 dB (Figure 3). In between these appointments, he was subjected to number of quantum therapies. After just a few weeks and three quantum therapy treatments, his hearing remarkably improved, despite all the negative prognoses. But how is this possible? Some would say it is a ‘miracle’.

Figure 1 Diagrams showing patient’s hearing reduction at 90/100 dB on the first doctor's appointment (90% hearing loss).

Figure 2 Diagrams showing patient’s hearing recovery to 50/60 dB on the second appointment (50% hearing loss).

Figure 3 Diagrams showing patient’s hearing recovery to 35 dB on the third appointment (15% hearing loss).

The patient visited multiple clinics, both private and state. Doctors were unable to diagnose the cause of the patient’s hearing loss. They ruled out number of possible causes (eg. viral infection, stroke, loss of blood flow to the inner ear, a ruptured inner ear membrane etc.). They conducted ultrasonography of malignant neck nodes (with CDS analysis) to identify any potential markers indicating the root cause of hearing loss. Nevertheless, the scan revealed no changes, concluding the state of these nodes (glands and arteries) was normal. What’s more, tumors are quite rare but still a possible cause of hearing loss and can be ruled out by MRI. The subject in question had a clear MRI scan. The patient received intratympanic steroid installation 5 injections, Dexton (left ear) and was taking numerous medicines (orally taken), however none of these helped on their own.

It is generally believed that steroids (cortisone) taken orally (and/or injected) over several weeks are the single most beneficial treatment for sudden hearing loss, nevertheless they do not lead to improvement in every instance.1 Quantum medicine therapy combined those with many other commonly used treatments, such as antiviral therapies and intratympanic steroid installation injection - Dexton (left ear). Nonetheless, neither of these notably helped the patient recover his hearing, thus quantum medicine clinic used several other treatments that were crucial for patient’s recovery. These include anti-inflammatory programs, programs for improving blood flow and mainly therapies with quantum medicine bioresonance apparatus Bicom (Regumed). This technique had the major influence on reduction of hearing loss, hence patient’s recovery. It is a gentle, non-invasive form of therapy. Bioresonance works by measuring the biometric field or frequencies of a human body to identify the source of any disturbances – it can read information on radiating disease oscillations. Electrodes, which are linked to the apparatus that emits electromagnetic signals and send impulses to body, are placed on skin of the subject. The apparatus returns the altered oscillations to the body, encouraging recovery.3,4


According to this case, the quantum medicine therapy turned out to be successful for treating sudden hearing loss, resulting in a significant improvement rate and almost complete recovery. Therefore, the answer to to the title question would be ‘yes’ – quantum medicine can encourage recovery of sudden hearing loss.



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